Thursday, October 14, 2010

My $2 doll highchair!!!!!!!

I have been looking for one of these wooden highchairs forever....I finally found one at an antique shop that was in okay condition...the asking price- $18. No bad but being the negiotator that I am I would have offered $12 willing to pay $15! However at a recent consignment sale I hit GOLD!!!!!! 2 bucks for a broken down wooden high chair...I worried carrying it because it felt like it was going to give at any moment... In the pictures it doesn't look that bad but trust me!!!!

Here's the jewel:

Took her apart, painted her, gave her a little sanding and then glazed her with my all time favorite: Ralph Lauren smoke glaze and here she is now!!!! Oops mom drilled right through the front... No worries that part will be covered by fabric!