Thursday, October 14, 2010

My $2 doll highchair!!!!!!!

I have been looking for one of these wooden highchairs forever....I finally found one at an antique shop that was in okay condition...the asking price- $18. No bad but being the negiotator that I am I would have offered $12 willing to pay $15! However at a recent consignment sale I hit GOLD!!!!!! 2 bucks for a broken down wooden high chair...I worried carrying it because it felt like it was going to give at any moment... In the pictures it doesn't look that bad but trust me!!!!

Here's the jewel:

Took her apart, painted her, gave her a little sanding and then glazed her with my all time favorite: Ralph Lauren smoke glaze and here she is now!!!! Oops mom drilled right through the front... No worries that part will be covered by fabric!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Like I promised more pumpkins.....

Sorry no pictures....she's a photographer and her pictures are stunning but not post-able :-(

Having trouble posting this picture... Sorry everyone I am trying.... Maybe its the lack of sleep! BUT-this is one of my favorites and its great for getting together for fellowship... As a matter of fact just taught a group of ladies at church how to make these!!!! Appartently me shoving a wooden stick in a toliet paper roll was quite entertaining!!!!!! Just never know what things look like from a distance do you!!!!!! This is the display I did at my house before heading to the church to do the same welcome table there!!!!!!! LOVE toliet paper pumpkins!

Pumpkins PUMPKINS and PuMPkins......Yep I love Pumpkins!

So I have been scouring the web to find my favorite pumpkins and here are just a few... Okay just one for now because I have 2.5 seconds to make this post! But...I promise more are coming!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Child's Table Set - Free!

Wow its been forever since we posted anything! Forgive us. We have been busy. Rachael has moved to PA on me, so no great pictures unless they come from PA!!!!! I am missing her greatly!!! Love you Rachy!

So for this post: My friend was getting rid of this table and chair set.. Well look at it.. How could I let this go!!! Here is the before:

Before After

With a little spray paint- Heiloom White ONLY- for me!

A little sanding:

And now a little Ralph! (Glaze that is)

The finished product is not quite ready....She must have some cushions and those cushions must be toille!!!!! STAY TUNED!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remember My Free Time Clock Post? No... well you didn't miss anything exciting!!! However Free Time transformed to Family Sign!!!

Step One: Get free wood! Cut three pieces (obviously they don't have to be straight! Unless you are OCD!) Take three scrap pieces and attach to the back so your pieces are together. Sorry no picture here. OOPS.

First attempt at a clock- BORING. Hence my Free Time title... Nope not happening no inspiration sorry....

After seeing two things it hit me... I want a family sign and what better to use than my non inspiring boring clock wanna be...Started painting it a litte taupey beige color. (oops paint from Home Depot!)

Decided on a stencil to use.. (cut it with my friend's cricut on heavy cardstock!) Used my $5 pint of paint I get from Sherwin Williams. By the way the best place for sample paint. You actually get enough to use for years!!!!!! No kidding. They will mix any color you want from any chip you have to match! Then cut more stencils...for the lettering. Painted them..

Here is the almost finished sign, but it needed something... So I lightly dry brushed a black outline along the scrolly thingys to blend with the black lettering!

And here is the finished sign!!!!! LOVE IT! Now where did the inspiration come from: Only the most stunning Etsy sign shop around...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Easy BEAUTIFUL Mirror!

Here's the link:

Just a few personal notes from ME.... Lowes will match the $5 price on the mirror so just ask! For the first time ever, my price on the fence pieces were less than Shanty's. I think they were $1.19 each.. Total cost of project not counting the paint or glaze since I already had them, $16!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too much FREE TIME

Sorry had to say it... Well here's a project I am stuck on... Its my free clock... I got the wood from Home Depot, not sure what kind it is but it was in their trash...(Don't worry I asked) Then the numbers are leftover vinyl from my cricut.... Sooooo do I do more or do I leave it alone... On that same trip to HD I did buy some OOPs light green stain for $1.00... HMMMM what to do what to do???

Here are the three pieces screwed onto three small pieces of leftover scrape wood I had lying around....

Here is what I have so far!!!