Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 x 30 Chunky Frames

From start to...............

To paint to...........................

**By the way always use acrylic rather than glass when building frames this size. According to all I could read online, sheet glass that you get for frames at home improvement stores and such is too thin and can break under its own weight when its this size...
Never underestimate a woman who think she can!!!!


  1. That looks great! Ready-made frames are so expensive, and custom frames are just outrageously expensive!! I can't even imagine how much you saved doing it yourself.

  2. Your frame looks great! I need to make a couple myself. Do you mind sharing with me the materials used to make this frame? It looks like a frame on top of a frame??? Are you using 1x2s or 1x3s for the inner frame and some kind of crown molding or baseboard for the decorative outer frame?

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  4. Paula I would love to share! I bought 2 -1x3s for the "background" pieces. You only need 2 unless you cut them wrong! I did miter them at 45. Then I purchased the door framing kit, which is around $11 at Home Depot but at .23cents a ft, it is allot cheaper than molding by the ft. If you haven't mitered before, cut one piece at a time and fit each piece separatly. Trust me on that one! I used liquid nail to attach the trim pieces and then nailed them in. I used heavy duty flat L brackets for the back corners. Get them at Walmart they half the price of brackets at Home Depot.... Then I routered out the back to create the "lip" for the acrylic. Now that may not be a beginner step but I am self taught on power tools so I may be wrong! :-)
    I used wire hangers to hang it....

  5. Fantastic! Thank you for breaking it down for me! :)